Who We Are

Welcome to FictionDB! I'm Kelly Petersen Wong, the crazy person who dreamed up this enormous database of fiction book information. I've been an avid reader since the age of four and have never stopped reading fiction since. Technically, FictionDB is owned and operated by The Riviera Group, but that's for the business people. We have lots of contributors to the site, but the majority of the day-to-day operation of the site is performed by me (yes, I also do all the programming which is why site functionality can be changed instantly).

Where We Started

FictionDB.com opened its virtual doors in November 1999 with the mission to use the Internet to provide complete, accurate and reliable information for readers of genre fiction.  The site started with just one database, Romance, but the response was overwhelming.  Readers wanted one source of information for their needs: bibliographies, pseudonyms, and series. To read the full story on how FictionDB started, visit our blog.

Where We Are Today

The site has grown considerably since the early days with the addition of Mystery, Suspense, Western, Speculative, Young Adult and, finally, General Fiction. We are always trying to improve the quality of information available on our site. We invite our visitors to become editors and help us keep the site updated. Become an editor

Why FictionDB Is Unique

When FictionDB started back in 1999, the term social network did not even exist as we know it today. We've seen the rise of review sites, then blogs, and now social networks for books. Most have failed; some have survived. We're lucky to be one of the survivors. We thrive by providing something that book lovers really want: one place where they can find just about anything they want to know about an author's books or series. The site maintains its original list format: a simple list of books all on one page. Visitors are not bombarded with what their "friends" are doing or silly quotes and games. It's always about reading books that we love.

What We Offer

Along with our extensive author bibliographies, we offer a wide variety of other information. When you visit FictionDB.com, you can:

  • Find author pseudonyms
  • Browse series of books by publisher and by individual author
  • Learn about upcoming releases
  • Search almost every field in our database
  • Visit author websites
  • Buy books from sellers around the world
  • Track your collection and wish list
  • Read what visitors have to say about FictionDB in Testimonials

We want to provide the best experience for our visitors, so we stand behind our service. If you ever have a question, you can visit our Help Desk and drop us a question or comment.

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