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Lisa Kleypas
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    51 Books (11 Series)
  • First Book:
    September 1987
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    December 2022
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About the Author

This former Miss America contestant and Wellesley College graduate became a published author at the age of 21. She has been writing best-selling contemporary and historical romance novels ever since. Her 2004 work “Worth Any Price” won the RITA award for Best Historical Short. Many of her books are organized into series such as The Hathaways, the Wallflowers and Friday Harbor.

Lisa Kleypas lives in Washington with her husband and two children.

Full Series List in Order


1 - Where Passion Leads (Sep-1987)
2 - Forever My Love (Dec-1988)

Bow Street Runners

1 - Someone to Watch Over Me (May-1999)
2 - Lady Sophia's Lover (Jun-2002)
3 - Worth Any Price (Feb-2003)

Capitol Theatre

1 - Somewhere I'll Find You (Oct-1996)
2 - Because You're Mine (Sep-1997)
3 - I Will (Nov-2001)

Friday Harbor

1 - Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor // Christmas With Holly (Nov-2010)
2 - Rainshadow Road (Mar-2012)
3 - Dream Lake (Aug-2012)
4 - Crystal Cove (Feb-2013)

Gamblers of Craven's

1 - Then Came You (Jun-1993)
1.5 - Promises (Sep-1995)
2 - Dreaming of You (May-1994)
2.5 - Against the Odds (Sep-2003)


1 - Mine Till Midnight (Oct-2007)
2 - Seduce Me at Sunrise (Oct-2008)
2.5 - A Hathaway Wedding: A Novella (Dec-2022)
3 - Tempt Me at Twilight (Sep-2009)
4 - Married by Morning (May-2010)
5 - Love in the Afternoon (Jul-2010)

Only Vallerands

1 - Only in Your Arms (Apr-1992)
1 - When Strangers Marry (Aug-2002)
2 - Only With Your Love (Oct-1992)
4 - Against the Odds (Sep-2003)


1 - Cold-Hearted Rake (Nov-2015)
2 - Marrying Winterborne (Jun-2016)
3 - Devil in Spring (Feb-2017)
4 - Hello Stranger (Mar-2018)
5 - Devil's Daughter (Feb-2019)
6 - Chasing Cassandra (Feb-2020)
7 - Devil in Disguise (Aug-2021)


1 - Midnight Angel (Jan-1995)
2 - Prince of Dreams (Aug-1995)


1 - Sugar Daddy (Mar-2007)
2 - Blue-Eyed Devil (Apr-2008)
3 - Smooth Talking Stranger (Apr-2009)
4 - Brown-Eyed Girl (Aug-2015)


0.5 - Again The Magic (Jan-2004)
1 - Secrets of a Summer Night (Nov-2004)
2 - It Happened One Autumn (Oct-2005)
3 - Devil in Winter (Mar-2006)
4 - Scandal in Spring (Jul-2006)
5 - A Wallflower Christmas (Oct-2008)

Book List in Order: 51 titles

  • "Love be still, " he whispered, and slipped one arm around her back as he wonderingly stroked her yielding flesh, arousing her with the sensitive brush of his fingers. "You're perfect..." Beautiful young Rosalie Belleau was sw...

  • She learned the power of passion in love's fiery embrace. When strong and handsome Heath Rayne pulled lovely young Lucinda Caldwell from a winter river, he rescued her from an icy death. But soon he was plunging her into a torrid torrent of passio...

  • Her lips softened and clung to his, seeking the warmth and taste of him. His tongue feathered against hers, and she shivered with a craving more powerful, more urgent, than hunger or thirst. . . . Exquisitely beautiful Mira Germain was only eight...

  • His kisses left hot imprints on her skin as she moved even closer to him, wanting him, aching, moaning his name... Addie Peck-Warner was drawn as if by an all-powerful magnet to Ben Hunter from the moment she met him. This strong, handsome man was...

  • An aristocratic Bostonian learns the true meaning of giving when she falls tenderly and passionately in love with a troubled stranger: her husband....

  • Reissued as When Strangers Marry Ravishing and desperate Lysette Kersaint flees an impending marriage to a man she hates to seek sanctuary with a man she fears. For rumors abound throughout New Orleans concerning her handsome, brooding protector,...

  • The newlywed bride of a Creole aristocrat, Celia Vallerand prays for deliverance from the bloodthirsty brigands who abducted her from a New Orleans-bound schooner. Though she believes her beloved husband slain and despairs for her own life, the shy F...

  • A woman with a secret . . . Reckless beauty Lily Lawson delights in shocking London society. She will break any rule to get what she wants . . . and she is determined to stop her younger sister from marrying Alex, Lord Wolverton, a handsome and ar...

  • She stood at danger's threshold -- then love beckoned her in. In the shelter of her country cottage, Sara Fielding puts pen to paper to create dreams. But curiosity has enticed the prim, well-bred gentlewoman out of her safe haven -- and into Dere...

  • A noblewoman of frail beauty and exotic mystery fakes her own death to escape the gallows. And now she must flee. In disguise and under a false identity, she finds unexpected sanctuary in the arms of a handsome and arrogant yet gallant British lord--...

  • She is his future...and his past A wealthy and bitter exile, the most dangerous and desirable man in all of England, he burns to possess a proud, headstrong beauty who is promised to another. But winning Emma Stokehurst's exquisite hand through t...

  • Everyone loves a wedding...Nothing lifts our hearts like the joyous peal of wedding bells. Or the sight of a happy couple being showered with confetti and good wishes. Now the most exciting new names in romantic fiction - and the bestselling author w...

  • All London is at Julia Wentworth's feet. The beautiful, enchanting actress is the toast of the theater world--and anything she desires is hers for the asking. But the incomparable leading lady guards a devastating secret: a mystery husband whom she d...

  • Because the Dream. . . Young, high-spirited Lady Madeline Matthews is expected to wed an aging, lecherous lord. But she would rather shame herself in the eyes of society than sacrifice her freedom, and resolves to render herself unmarriageable by ...

  • "Lady Hawksworth, your husband is not dead..." With those words, Lara's life turned upside down. Hunter, Earl of Hawksworth, had been lost at sea. Or so she'd been told. Their unhappy marriage -- with its cold caresses and passion...

  • She couldn't remember who she was... A temptingly beautiful woman awakens in a stranger's bed, rescued from the icy waters of the Thames, her memory gone. Told that she is Vivien Rose Duvall, one of London's most scandalous beauties, she finds her...

  • Zachary Bronson has built an empire of wealth and power--now he needed a wife to help secure his position in society...and warm his bed in private. But not just any woman will do for a man whom all of London knows is not a gentleman. Then he unexpect...

  • London, 1836. She was unmarried, untouched and almost thirty, but novelist Amanda Briars wasn't about to greet her next birthday without making love to a man. When he appeared at her door, she believed he was her gift to herself, hired for one night...

  • Dear St. Nicholas -- What we'd really like for Xmas this year is: An Irish Estate A Family Mountains of Sugarplums (Too fattening) A Quiet Elopement Someone to (burn) close down all the London clubs-- (like White's) ! Or Marriage to ...

  • London, 1839. Why is Lady Sophia looking for a lover? And could she seduce the most marriageable man in London? Lady Sophia Sydney would do anything to ensnare the unattainable Sir Ross Cannon. Her goal -- to ruin his reputation and cause a scandal...

  • Rewrite of Only in Your Arms Ravishing and desperate Lysette Kersaint flees an impending marriage to a man she hates to seek sanctuary with a man she fears. For rumors abound throughout New Orleans concerning her handsome, brooding protector, Maxi...

  • What is the price of love? Nick Gentry is reputed to be the most skillful lover in all England. Known for solving delicate situations, he is hired to seek out Miss Charlotte Howard. He believes his mission will be easily accomplished -- but that w...

  • Dear Avon Books, Where are my heroes? Whenever I'm reading a book by one of my favorite authors I find I'm falling for the wrong guy -- not the hero, but the other man -- and what I really want is for him to have his own story. Like Jake Linl...

  • She gave him her innocence . . . Lady Aline Marsden was brought up for one reason: to make an advantageous marriage to a member of her own class. Instead, she willingly gave her innocence to John McKenna, a servant on her father's estate. Their pass...

  • Four young ladies enter London society with one common goal: they must use their feminine wit and wiles to find a husband. So a daring husband-hunting scheme is born. 1841. Annabelle Peyton, determined to save her family from disaster, decides to us...

  • Four young ladies enter London society with one necessary goal: they must use their feminine wit and wiles to find a husband. So they band together, and a daring husband-hunting scheme is born. It Happened at the Ball... Where beautiful but b...

  • A DEVIL'S BARGAIN Easily the shyest Wallflower, Evangeline Jenner stands to become the wealthiest, once her inheritance comes due. Because she must first escape the clutches of her unscrupulous relatives, Evie has approached the rake Viscount ...

  • After spending three London seasons searching for a husband, Daisy Bowman's father has told her in no uncertain terms that she must find a husband. Now. And if Daisy can't snare an appropriate suitor, she will marry the man he chooses-the ruthless an...

  • SHE'S FROM THE WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKS Liberty Jones has dreams and determination that will take her far away from Welcome, Texas---if she can keep her wild heart from ruling her mind. Hardy Cates sees Liberty as completely off-limits. His own ambi...

  • THEIR LIVES DEFY CONVENTION. When an unexpected inheritance elevates her family to the ranks of the aristocracy, Amelia Hathaway discovers that tending to her younger sisters and wayward brother was easy compared to navigating the intricacies of the...

  • MEET THE BLUE-EYED DEVIL His name is Hardy Cates. He's a self-made millionaire who comes from the wrong side of the tracks. He's made enemies in the rough-and-tumble ride to the top of Houston's oil industry. He's got hot blood in his veins. And v...

  • New York Times bestselling author Lisa Kleypas invites you to spend the holidays with the Wallflowers -- four young London ladies who finally found the men of their dreams...and will join together once more to help the world's most notorious rogue me...

  • He has tried hard to forget her. Kev Merripen has longed for the beautiful, well-bred Winnifred Hathaway ever since her family rescued him from the brink of death when he was just a boy. But this handsome Gypsy is a man of mysterious origins--and he...

  • HE’S ONE SMOOTH TALKER… A billionaire playboy, and all-around ladies’ man, Jake Travis has a reputation as big as the state of Texas. He drives too fast, lives too hard, and loves too many women to count. SHE’S ALL BUSINESS … In her advice...

  • Poppy Hathaway loves her unconventional family, though she longs for normalcy. Then fate leads to a meeting with Harry Rutledge, an enigmatic hotel owner and inventor with wealth, power, and a dangerous hidden life. When their flirtation compromises ...

  • He is everything she wants to avoid... For two years, Catherine Marks has been a paid companion to the Hathaway sisters -- a pleasant position, with one caveat. Her charges' older brother, Leo Hathaway, is thoroughly exasperating. Cat can hardly beli...

  • She harbors a secret yearning. As a lover of animals and nature, Beatrix Hathaway has always been more comfortable outdoors than in the ballroom. Even though she participated in the London season in the past, the classic beauty and free-spirited Beat...

  • New York Times bestselling author Lisa Kleypas’s new series begins during the most magical time of year ONE LITTLE GIRL NEEDS A FAMILY One rain-slicked night, six-year-old Holly lost the only parent she knew, her beloved mother Victoria. And sinc...


  • They say that opposites attract. But what happens when one has been devastated by betrayal and the other is so jaded that his heart is made of stone? Enter the world of Friday Harbor, an enchanting town in the Pacific Northwest where things are not q...


  • Wedding planner Avery Crosslin may be a rising star in Houston society, but she doesn't believe in love-at least not for herself. When she meets wealthy bachelor Joe Travis and mistakes him for a wedding photographer, she has no intention of letting ...

  • Readers have long waited for the return of New York Times bestselling author Lisa Kleypas to historical romance -- and now she's back with her most breathtaking yet. A twist of fate . . . Devon Ravenel, London's most wickedly charming r...

  • A ruthless tycoon Savage ambition has brought common-born Rhys Winterborne vast wealth and success. In business and beyond, Rhys gets exactly what he wants. And from the moment he meets the shy, aristocratic Lady Helen Ravenel, he is determined to...

  • An eccentric wallflower… Most debutantes dream of finding a husband. Lady Pandora Ravenel has different plans. The ambitious young beauty would much rather stay at home and plot out her new board game business than take part in the London Season...

  • Romance stars Lisa Kleypas, Lorraine Heath, Megan Frampton, and Vivienne Lorret prove in this collection of stories that love is the most magical during Christmas… "I Will" by Lisa Kleypas To be reinstated into his father’s will, Andr...

  • New York Times bestselling author Lisa Kleypas delivers a scintillating tale of an unconventional beauty who finds passion with the spy who can’t resist her A woman who defies her time Dr. Garrett Gibson, the only female physician in England,...

  • Although beautiful young widow Phoebe, Lady Clare, has never met West Ravenel, she knows one thing for certain: he’s a mean, rotten bully. Back in boarding school, he made her late husband’s life a misery, and she’ll never forgive him for it. B...

  • Everything has a price . . . Railway magnate Tom Severin is wealthy and powerful enough to satisfy any desire as soon as it arises. Anything -- or anyone -- is his for the asking. It should be simple to find the perfect wife -- and from his first ...

  • New York Times bestseller Lisa Kleypas returns with an enthralling and steaming romance between a widowed lady and a Scot on the run -- who may have connections to one of London's most noble families. “The devil never tries to make people d...

  • Hampshire, England 1851 Kev Merripen wasn’t surprised by the signs of bad luck as his wedding day approached. But he was determined to have Win as his wife, no matter what obstacles had to be overcome....

Award-Winning Books by Lisa Kleypas

Again The Magic
2004 All About Romance Reader Award -- Most Annoying Lead Character
Blue-Eyed Devil
2008 All About Romance Reader Award -- Best Contemporary Romance
2008 All About Romance Reader Award -- Biggest Tearjerker
Cold-Hearted Rake
2015 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- British Isles Historical Romance
Devil in Winter
2006 All About Romance Reader Award -- Best European Historical
2006 All About Romance Reader Award -- Best Hero
2006 All About Romance Reader Award -- Best Heroine
I Will
2002 Rita Award -- Romantic Novella
It Happened One Autumn
2005 All About Romance Reader Award -- Best Villain
2005 All About Romance Reader Award -- Most Disappointing Read
Lady Sophia's Lover
2002 All About Romance Reader Award -- Best Villain
Love in the Afternoon
2010 All About Romance Reader Award -- Biggest Tearjerker
2010 All About Romance Reader Award -- Most Tortured Hero
Love, Come to Me
1988 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- American Historical Romance
Married by Morning
2010 All About Romance Reader Award -- Best Romance Hero
Marrying Winterborne
2016 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Book of the Year
Mine Till Midnight
2007 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Historical Romance of the Year
Smooth Talking Stranger
2009 All About Romance Reader Award -- Best Contemporary Romance
2009 All About Romance Reader Award -- Best Love Scenes (in a Mainstream Romance)
2009 All About Romance Reader Award -- Best Romance Hero
Suddenly You
2001 All About Romance Reader Award -- Best European Historical
2001 All About Romance Reader Award -- Most Luscious Love Story
2001 RT Reviewers Choice Award -- Sensual Historical Romance
Sugar Daddy
2007 All About Romance Reader Award -- Best Chick Lit/Women's Fiction
Worth Any Price
2003 All About Romance Reader Award -- Most Luscious Love Story
2004 Rita Award -- Short Historical Romance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Lisa Kleypas has published 51 books.

Lisa Kleypas does not have a new book coming out soon. The latest book, A Hathaway Wedding: A Novella, was published in December 2022.

The first book by Lisa Kleypas, Where Passion Leads, was published in September 1987.

Yes. Lisa Kleypas has 11 series.